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You Go Where You Look

I have to apologize for my absence from the blogging world. Thankfully, there is good reason for it, as I am no longer unemployed! After several months of searching for an answer, I finally feel like I’m going somewhere. But I’ll get to all that. I’ve been at this job for a few months now. […]

To Cut or Not to Cut

I’m sorry, readers. I have nothing to offer you at the moment. No words of wisdom, or stories of personal revelation. No thought provoking enigmas or tales of triumph. With this post, I’m hoping you might have something to offer me. I need advice! The blogging gods have not been speaking to me lately. I […]

Hearth in Hand

Alright friends, Truthlets and Thoughtbits is now Hearth in Hand! My blog will still center around wellness, conscious living and personal development, but as a new addition, I will also be showcasing some of the great, ‘clean’, gluten-free recipes that I come across every week! The main message of Hearth in Hand, is that all […]

It’s One Lovely, Illuminating World

I am so blessed. I have been nominated for two more awards this week from two very talented bloggers! Thank you Valerie from So It Must Be True for nominating me for The Illuminating Blogger Award! Share 1 Random Thing: I believe in alien existence… on another note, I’ve been watching a lot of X […]

Kreativ Blogger Award

A big thanks to glutenvygirl for nominating me for the Kreativ Blogger Award! She writes a great blog that is fun, unique and made to cure gluten envy. First of all, I want to say that I know these awards can kind of become a bit like a chain letter, and I will never be […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

I know these awards can get a little silly, but I’ve had my eye on this green little icon since I started blogging. A very big thank you to Angela’s Space for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! Angela writes a great blog focusing on metaphysics and spirituality. I appreciate the opportunity to acknowledge […]

Sunshine, Tell Me About Yourself

It seems while I have been neglecting my blog I have been nominated for a couple of fun awards! Thank you to A Circle in the Path for The Sunshine Award and MindMindful for the Tell Me About Yourself Award. They both have some fabulous blogs that are definitely worth checking out. I am choosing […]