Welcome to my blog!

Each week I post reflections on conscious living and personal development. As a recent addition, I will also be giving you a lens into my kitchen, and sharing gluten-free recipes and healthy meal ideas.

The main message of Hearth in Hand, is that all things start within. If we think humanity should be more peaceful, loving and mindful, then we need to focus on being that way in our daily lives. It’s about empowering yourself to take responsibility for your health, happiness and all aspects of your life.

I chose to include the Hearth in my title because I think it so perfectly reflects everything I want my blog to be: A place to gather with kindred spirits, a place to be nourished, and a place to create.

The symbol of the Hearth has a lot of meaning to me, as it is a central symbol in the spiritual sci-fi that I am writing. While I’m prepared to wait the few more years it will take to share my novel with the world, I revel in the chance to share a little about what Hearth means to me, from my small portal in the blogosphere.

For a more in-depth description of what the Hearth means to me, check out this page.

Ignite your light,

S. L. Klesko


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