HEARTH \ˈhärth\

  1. brick, stone, or concrete area in front of the fireplace
  2. home
  3. kindred group
  4. vital or creative center

In ancient times, the Hearth was a gathering place where tribes would come together to share warmth, food and stories. These gatherings solidified alliances and encouraged collectivism. To this day, we continue these gatherings, whether by bonfire or kitchen stove.

Perhaps the reason why we are so drawn to the fire is that while we watch the flames, we are silently reminded of our sacred origin. We remember that billions of years ago we were bound to the Earth by a brilliant blast. We are ever evolving stardust, infused with the gift of conscious thought. We are part of something much greater than our individual lives. The fate of the Whole is in our hands.

I invite you to always hold your Hearth in Hand. To live consciously and never forget that every day you change the world with your thoughts, your words and your actions. Even the smallest spark can start a blazing fire. Ignite your light within.


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