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Everything in Moderation, except Poison

There is a ton of information out there that will tell you that aspartame is safe. There is also a ton of information that will tell you it isn’t. The peer-reviewed research is about as split as public opinion (not so surprisingly, the industry-funded research says its safe, and the independent research says its not, […]

My God is greater, Edward is hotter, and other pointless arguments

Christian vs. Atheist; Republican vs. Democrat; M.D. vs D.C.; Vegan vs. Meat-itarian; Edward vs. Jacob. You’d think we all lived on separate planets with all of the divisions we’ve created. For some reason, we feel we have to fight these ‘versus’ wars in order to convince others of our truth. But if everyone believes that […]

Why I am a pain in the butt, and like it that way

I am the biggest pain in the butt I know. My medical doctor, veterinarian, and dentist would agree.  It’s not that I’m rude or disrespectful to them. It’s that, unlike the majority of the people they deal with, I ask questions. Questions like: Why are you prescribing my cat an antibiotic when she only has […]