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The Relative Nature of Absolutes

Whether or not you are religious, there is a spiritual sense that you get by looking at the stars. The sense that there is so much more out there than meets the eye. The humbling realization that we know so little about the Universe that we are a part of, and even the planet we […]

The Origin of Sin: A New-Age View

What does it mean to live spiritually? To some it may mean following a certain religious path. To others, it may mean recognizing the power of the unseen, or seeing life as sacred. In all cases, living spiritually is looking inward and striving to transcend the part of yourself that might lead you to act […]

It’s One Lovely, Illuminating World

I am so blessed. I have been nominated for two more awards this week from two very talented bloggers! Thank you Valerie from So It Must Be True for nominating me for The Illuminating Blogger Award! Share 1 Random Thing: I believe in alien existence… on another note, I’ve been watching a lot of X […]

Questions of Light

Special thanks to Sarah Klesko of Truthlets and Thoughtbits for serving as today’s guest contributor. How often do we accept our blessings with pure joy? How often is our gratitude lined with feelings of guilt and unworthiness? Do you believe you deserve the good in your life or are you ridden with shame, guilt and…