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Spaghetti Squash Scampi with Sauteed Asparagus

“I’m surprised that this isn’t disgusting!” Came the honest words of my sister-in-law as we ate this last week. I have to admit that squash didn’t always sound appealing to me, either, but it has become a staple in my kitchen and for good reason. With really minimal preparation it’s delicious; it has a mild […]

Green Smoothie

A year ago, I don’t think I’d ever used a blender. Now I use it almost every day for these delicious, nutrient-dense smoothies. I love starting my day off knowing that my body’s fueled well, and drinking these always gives me that peace of mind. Not to mention that I feel more energetic when I […]

Hearth in Hand

Alright friends, Truthlets and Thoughtbits is now Hearth in Hand! My blog will still center around wellness, conscious living and personal development, but as a new addition, I will also be showcasing some of the great, ‘clean’, gluten-free recipes that I come across every week! The main message of Hearth in Hand, is that all […]