You Go Where You Look

I have to apologize for my absence from the blogging world. Thankfully, there is good reason for it, as I am no longer unemployed! After several months of searching for an answer, I finally feel like I’m going somewhere. But I’ll get to all that.

I’ve been at this job for a few months now. It’s pretty busy and I am loving it. When I started, part of my training required that I take a defensive driving course. Much to my relief, it wasn’t a typical driver’s training test. Instead of having to parallel park or drive through a traffic circle, I was taken off-roading and shown what to do if I ever lost control of the vehicle in the ditch.

On the day of my test, we got into my instructor’s 4-wheel-drive jeep and drove to an isolated piece of land that he used especially for this training. By the end of the road, were some faint tire tracks that disappeared over the high snow bank.

“Drive over the bank.” Instructed my teacher.

Reluctantly, I pulled over the bank to see that the tracks had disappeared down a steep hill, around some trees and back up the hill. Looked simple enough, if it hadn’t been for all of the snow. When you’re plowing through 3 feet of snow, even something as simple as steering can become a little more complicated.

Before I made my way down the steep hill, my instructor recounted a story of another student of his, who drove the course the week before.

“She was so worried that she was going to end up hitting that tree, and alas, she did. She steered right into it.”


“Do you know why? Because she was looking at the tree.  And the car always goes where you look.”

With a deep breath, I proceeded down the hill with his direction.

“Follow the tracks. Look where you want to go.”

I was afraid I was going to hit the trees. The course was really bumpy and the constant pull of the snow-drift made it feel like I might lose control at any moment, and veer off-track. Despite my fears, I kept my focus on the path ahead of me and trusted that my gaze would get me there.

And it did! I cleared the course a few more times, and no matter how bad the pull of the snow was, I was able to stay on course by just focusing on where I wanted to go, and not giving attention to where I was afraid I might end up.

The experience reminded me of how I got my job in the first place.

As some of you know from my last post, I had been looking for a job for a few months. I ended my post with the realization that I needed to reevaluate my goals and my direction of pursuit.

The direction that I decided to take was one that I had been pondering for quite some time, but that I had made excuses for, focusing on the what ifs and justifying the many reasons why I couldn’t do it. After several months of worrying about all of the bad places I could end up, I finally opened up to where I actually wanted to go. I made the decision to go back to school to become a holistic nutritionist.

It wasn’t until I made that decision that everything on the job front fell right into place. Within days of writing that post, the most amazing and perfect temporary job had been offered to me, that I had, weeks before, spent hours visualizing as my own.

This job incorporated my background in education and my passion for nutrition. It paid exactly what I was aiming for, and would complement my plans to go back to school in the fall. It didn’t come as soon as I wanted, but it came exactly when it needed to. Once I allowed my gaze to lift and explore where I wanted to go.

You go where you look. And around here, things are sure looking up.

How’s the view from where you are? Are you in the ditch, or are you cruising?



  1. So sorry we’ve been absent as of late. But as you know we’ve just published our first book, The Perfect 7 and have been off the blogging scene as of late. The worst part missing our dear friends like you and reading their wonderful posts. So, now I have the excuse out of the way….so begins the preaching! (LOL) Don’t worry. It’s all good. You were one of our very first contacts and friend in the blogosphere and have been so loyal to us. And in turn, I can remember reading your posts years ago and both my daughter and myself, were amazed at someone so young yet so wise. My daughter, (whom I call a closet vegan) admires you and how principled and disciplined you are, yet still so passionate and positive. And rightly so. It reflects in your words and yes, in your life. Which is why you have two fans in us.

    When I began reading your new post, “YOU GO WHERE YOU LOOK.” It occurred to me, that you’ve met your path. I remembered a post not too long ago, around the beginning of the new year 2013. The post, entitlted: WHEN THE UNIVERSE SAYS NO” In this, you had said that you’d been out of work for three months, and that it should have left more time for writing but that it seemed all your tasks and/or ventures were suffering. Even so, you still new what you wanted and by your own words, were doing your best to keep focussed and stay positive. And so, I will quote a brilliant woman for you to reflect upon:
    “Do I know what that is? Not exactly, but I have an idea. So I’m going to FOLLOW that idea and SEE where it leads me. Chances are, there will be set-backs on that path, too. But I think with an end-goal in mind that I feel PASSIONATELY about, I will see that those “set-backs” are actually stepping stones, bringing me one step closer to doing what I love.”

    Follow & See and so, your new post “You Go Where You Look” makes absolute perfect sense to me and Inion and let’s us know, that we were right all along! You are a wonderful role model to all women and what they can do and achieve, when they put their mind, body and soul into something and don’t look back……Look forward! Congrats our friend, a truly inspirational ending to your post and life!

  2. Reblogged this on Science of the Soul and commented:
    Super inspiring post!!

  3. Many congratulations to you!! This post is super inspiring! Thanks for Sharing, and good luck on your new Journey 😃

    1. Thank you so much for re-blogging, SOS. It means the world that you were inspired by my post, and that after my long absence, you’re still a loyal follower! Have a wonderful week!

  4. congratulations!!

    1. Thanks Mimi!

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