How to Make Almond Flour

Before I went gluten-free, I had no idea that you could make flour out of anything other than wheat. Turns out flour can be made out of all sorts of nuts, beans and seeds. For baking, I most often use almond flour. I have tried the Bob Red Mill’s store-bought almond meal and it’s not bad, but I find that it does make for a dryer product than fresh almond meal. With the right food processor, making it from scratch is really easy!




1. Soak almonds overnight (to dissolve the enzyme inhibitor found in all nuts)

2. Lay them out on paper towel and let them dry completely

3. Pulse almonds in food processor until ground into a fine flour (I use a 7-cup Cuisinart and it only takes a few minutes)

*Make sure to stop and stir in between pulses, and don’t pulse for too long, or else you will make almond butter.

Need a great recipe to use almond flour? Try making these delicious, moist, Flourless Banana Almond Muffins



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