We Are Expansion

We are born out of everything,

Created by the light

Pure expansion locked in body

Vulnerably in sight


We soon learn we are separate

We stand alone to shine

So begins the lesson

Of I, Me and Mine


We are told who we are

And we accept the suggestion

While forgetting our true nature

Never stopping to question


We buy into the drama

Our own victimization

It’s our way against theirs

Nation against nation


But that’s all part of it

Forgetting what we’re made of

So we can build attachment here

To things, and people we love


And as years pass on

And those things pass on

And those people pass on

It can be hard to go on


We are forced to let go

Of the things we learned to hold

The illusions recede

And we begin to see our soul


Our body becomes frail

Yet we’re still the same inside

And so rises truth within us

Beyond body, beyond mind


We begin to see that we are One

With everything that is

And that this is just a pit stop

In the infinite abyss





  1. “And that this is just a pit stop

    In the infinite abyss.”
    Beautiful words!

  2. Just beautiful!

  3. Wonderful poem..a magnificent reminder of the real meaning of being part of something far larger than that which we hold onto..

  4. Lovely poem – our connection with the Whole

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