Questions of Light

Thank you to Bethany from Daily Dose of Gratitude for giving me the opportunity to guest write for her blog. Check out her site for many reasons to be thankful : )

Special thanks to Sarah Klesko of Truthlets and Thoughtbits for serving as today’s guest contributor.

How often do we accept our blessings with pure joy? How often is our gratitude lined with feelings of guilt and unworthiness? Do you believe you deserve the good in your life or are you ridden with shame, guilt and fear that are so often perpetuated by organized religion? Was Jesus not a teacher of eternal love? Of unconditional acceptance and living with an open heart and mind? Are these not the core values of most religions? The truth is in the Whole; do not allow your light to be extinguished by obsessing over the sum of its parts.


Check out Sarah’s blog for more nuggets of positive goodness.


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  1. Very nice wake-up call, young lady!

  2. It’s kind of interesting how the beautiful quote is attributed to two different people: Marianne Williamson and Nelson Mandela. I don’t which of the two people said this, but the quote is truly compelling and powerful!

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    1. I do love this quote. I believe that Marianne Williamson first wrote it in her book, and Nelson Mandela used it in his inaugural speech. Thank you for reading Subhan!

  3. I’m glad you reblogged this! I love it when I find other bloggers who’re writing about good stuff and can share it.

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